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Photo: A lodgepole pine stand all but consumed by the mountain pine beetle.

The latest report on timber production for the Four Corners area, titled "The Four Corners Timber Harvest and Forest Products Industry, 2007," is now available. This report traces the flow of timber harvested in the "Four Corners" States (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah) during calendar year 2007, describes the composition and operations of the region's primary forest products industry, and quantifies volumes and uses of wood fiber. Historical wood products industry changes are discussed, as well as trends in timber harvest, production, and sales of primary wood products. It is now posted in our library or you can download the PDF directly here.

Some of the report's key findings for Colorado-only include:

  • National forests account for 69% of nonreserved timberlands,
  • In 2007, the national forests' share of Colorado‚Äôs timber harvest was 48%,
  • Lodgepole pine was 52% of Colorado timber harvest, aspen was 20%, and spruce was 12%; interestingly, in 1974, lodgepole was 20%, aspen was 2%, and spruce was 43%,
  • In 2007, the timber harvest volume was 21,578 MCF, with 13,362 going to sawmills as sawlogs, 918 MCF to log home manufacturers and 7,298 to post, pole, excelsior and other manufacturers,
  • In 2007, there were 64 primary manufacturers in 28 counties. Of those, 30 were sawmills, 19 house log and log home manufacturers, 5 post and pole firms, 9 log furniture manufacturers and 1 excelsior plant,
  • The number of sawmills in Colorado has declined from 84 in 1982 to 50 in 2002 to 31 in 2007. However, the total lumber production increased 39%, from 83 mmbf to 115 mmbf, from 2002 to 2007,
  • Colorado's sawmill capacity in 2007 was 205 mmbf, which means sawmills utilized 56% of their capacity, and
  • About 89% of lumber, mine timbers and other sawn products were sold in CO, NM, AZ or UT.

These findings are just a sample of what is available in the report. Please feel free to call or email if you have questions or comments.



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